The Elusive Drop

There are always those items, whether they be pieces of gear or some other type of vanity pieces, that people seem to never be able to place their virtual hands on in-game. For me there have been a handful of pieces over the years, most of which were eventually replaced by other pieces of gear released in newer content. There have been, however, a few items I have never lost interest in pursuing. Anzu’s mount from Sethekk Halls, the Phoenix Hatchling and Mount from Magister’s Terrace, and Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger from Stratholme to name the most prominent.

I managed to get the Phoenix Hatchling on Byaghro a few months back, and it is by far my favorite pet in the game (with the potential exception of the new pets Blizzard recently introduced, but I have yet to see those “in person” to know for certain).

Over the weekend, I finally saw Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger drop on my “just turned eighty” paladin, Prognosis. Needless to say, I was quite shocked to see it drop. In every time I have run Stratholme, over a number of different characters, this was the first time I ever saw it drop. Thankfully I was solo’ing the instance for reputation with the Argent Dawn and had no one to roll against me!

This did make me think, however, about those things we set our sights on and the lengths we will go to in order to achieve them. So, this is the first open question from me to everyone who wishes to participate (I’m hoping to follow-up this post with some of the stories people submit as well as a look into the thoughts behind why we do a number of those things, so spread the word!):

What is something you have wanted that has eluded your grasp (or that you finally attained after a long wait), and did you do anything over the course of trying to obtain that elusive item that you hoped would bring you better luck at obtaining it? (Trying at a certain time of day, for example, or only trying for the item with someone else, or maybe something more exotic such as sacrificing a chicken…)


  1. says

    The Beast Lord Mantle, the level 70 blue Hunter set, was my elusive thing. I can’t even describe to you how many times I ran heroic Steamvaults on my hunter to get it. I even kept going when I was deep into raid purples, just to have the damned thing done. And it never dropped.

    Until one day my level 80 Shaman duo’ed it dinking around on a non-raid night. Then it dropped. I nearly cried.
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  2. Fujiiro says

    I’ve tried, off and on, to get Anzu, the Baron’s mount and the green proto-drake, without success. Sadly, the Anzu run is just something that I tend to forget about from time to time, and I haven’t done one in a long while. I’m tempted to try it on my Tauren druid… but I think I’d be angry, actually, if I got it on Fujimoo when I’ve been trying so long on Fujiiro without success.

    On the other hand, there was the Violet Proto-Drake. I know some people don’t think that’s in quite the same category as it’s obviously easier to obtain, in a certain sense. (There is RNG involved in some of the achievements, but the RNG is much more favorable than that of a random mount drop w/ a 0.1% drop rate, or whatever.)

  3. says

    The Hyacinth Macaw, I farmed this for several hours each day for several months and never saw it drop. At the start of my grind I had some amount of optimism, never had too much problem with grinding pets and such before, what’s a few pirates after all? A few months later and no parrot, not only was I going insane but my insanity became almost infamous amongst friends and guildies, recently found it for 3000g on the neutral auction house, when I saw it sell for 15k in trade the other day, I can’t actually describe how happy I was. To get such a good deal after that much farming? Nice. My latest one is the tiger mount in ZG, wish me luck! (has been several months by now mind)


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