Syrana’s Soulstone: Mail Call – Thoughts On Leaders

*cracks her knuckles*  Well, it would seem I have been locked away by my RL avatar for awhile.  My apologies.  How did everyone fair The Storm that came through?  It sure affected a lot things throughout our world.  I still can’t believe they are giving an imp upon enrollment to any ol’ wannabe warlock that dons some robes.

Yes, well, I digress.  *clears her throat and pulls out a crumpled piece of parchment*

I have received a letter inquiry from that prissy Light stealer.  Although her and I do not share the same views on our powers, who am I to dismiss a piece of fan mail?

Bal’a dash, malanore,
miss “worshipper of the dark (and woefully misguided) arts,”
Given your rather accurate opinion of some of the... *ahem*... ahhhh... lesser
inhabitants of Azeroth, why don’t you share with us your opinion of each of the
faction leaders? Rest assured I will refrain from dismissing your thoughts as
simply the malformed ramblings of one who actively pursues dark magic instead
of embracing the Light, for whether I agree with your methods or not there are
many who think the same of the Blood Knight Order. Although the strength of the
Light is obviously more powerful, even we will admit there are times when dark
magic is useful.

Ambivalently yours,

Prognosis of Silvermoon, Master in the Blood Knight Order

Ha, ha, I dare say, of course my description was accurate of some of those mindless “NPCs” I have been unfortunate enough to run into.  But to your question… what do I think of the faction leaders? That’s a doozy.

I don’t think I can answer that all in one sitting, but I will start today by talking about my favorite faction leader….

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

She was once a high elf, you know, and hails from the same area as me.  While she is now a Forsaken, she is one tough woman.

She endured a lot at the hand of the crazed Lich King afflicted Arthas Menethil.  But she was never a weak woman.

No, oh no, she stood her ground in an attempt to save her people from him.  Even when he tortured and killed her, raising her as a banshee under his will, she never gave up.

The woman has strength and perseverance like no other.

She stayed determined and never let go of her willpower.  She knows how to utilize and exploit the weaknesses of her enemies to accomplish her goals.

I admire her.  Sure, she’s felbent on revenge and vengeance.  I can’t say I blame her.  I think at times this clouds her judgement as a leader, but overall, I view her as someone that is looking out for the best interests of those that align themselves with her.

While she may not be keen on warlocks like myself, I’d be honored to fight alongside her against that wretched, pompous, spoiled prince turned dark “king.”

And she’s done quite well at keeping her looks despite the… y’know, decomp.  I mean, have you seen her Cosmo Azeroth cover?

Next time, dear Prognosis, I shall tell you my thoughts on my next favorite leader: Thrall.  (I know you can barely contain your excitement.)

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