Reborn (RoL Series)

Return of a Legend, Part Two: Reborn

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It seemed as though she was struggling to remember who she was, or even how to go about the simplest of tasks, Mactire noted. What could have happened to strip away so much of her being, he wondered. Before him stood one of the fiercest champions that stood against the Lich King, and to look at her now one would have a hard time believing she had ever made her way through the trials of the Cenarion Circle.

Perhaps that was too harsh a judgment, actually. After all, her survival instincts were obviously as sharp as ever, she just seemed lost. She was no longer as graceful as he remembered in how her actions flowed together. It seemed to be replaced by a feral ferocity that reminded him of one who had walked through darkness, fighting for survival every step of the way. In essence, it reminded him of how his life began.

Byaghro walked through the courtyard and surrounding woodlands daily. She seemed to be hunting some reminder of who she had been, aside from a name. Her deeds were known throughout the world, it seemed, and yet she could not recall the memories herself.

She remembered how to survive at least. It had been a struggle just after she awoke. Shifting forms had felt unnatural, and at first she could only sustain it for a short time before fatigue gripped her and she fell to the ground, exhaustion threatening to take hold. She persevered, though. She managed to find her way back to this place, yet she still had no idea where this was or what meaning it held.

Mactire watched as Byaghro knelt in the center of the courtyard. Meditation was the end of her daily ritual, lasting until the sun completely dropped below the horizon. He knew it would be some time yet before she finished, and so Mactire moved into the edge of the wood line and shifted into his feral form. It was time to hunt.

A couple of hours later…

Byaghro opened her eyes as the last rays of the sun completely disappeared below the horizon. Her head was pounding. Finally, she had some answers. She was once nothing more than a young Night Elf, hoping to prove her worth to the Cenarion Circle and be taken in as an apprentice. After ten years of struggling to master the basics of calling upon nature, she had finally been sent to a trainer to learn the specialized ways of calling upon nature’s power to heal others. After spending twenty years in service to the Cenarion Circle, and mastering the basic powers of restoration, she proved her skill. Showing an ability to adapt to situations and lead others, Byaghro was given the opportunity to also study under the tutelage of another in the ways of feral combat, and assumed her place as a member of the Druids of the Wild.

That had been some fifty-two years ago, now. She remembered much of it as only fleeting glimpses, much like watching clips from a film. The descent into the Molten Core, the struggles in Karazhan, mounting an offensive against Gruul and Magtheridon, taming Onyxia, fighting through Naxxramas, defying the odds in Ulduar, The Obsidian Sanctum, and the Vault of Archavon, taking down Malygos in the Eye of Eternity… so many battles and so much bloodshed had taken their toll. She had fallen to exhaustion, slipping into the Emerald Dream for who knows how long, only to find other battles awaiting within. A fortnight ago she had managed to come back from the Emerald Dream, and now she remembered at least some of who she was.

Mactire emerged from the woods at that moment, carrying a deer over his shoulder. Byaghro arose as he came closer, and finally greeted him properly as a member of the Circle:

“May Cenarius guide you, Mactire.”

“And may Remulos give you strength, Byaghro,” replied Mactire, a wicked grin forming across his face, “It is good to have some part of you back, old friend.”

“I fear I have been gone too long. This world has become a stranger to me, and yet I know I must attempt to defend Azeroth once more. Come, as we eat you must fill me in on as many of the details and changes that have befallen our comrades as you can.”

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