Links and Projects

You’ll find a handful of projects of mine listed here, as well as links to other projects run by friends of mine. Following those, there will be links to various sites and other projects that I find interesting as well.

  • Anna Mazurek Photography | LINK
    An excellent photographer with years of experience, and someone I had the pleasure of working with during my time at Apple, take a look at Anna’s portfolio.
  • Diabolical Minds | Now Offline
    Originally a rebranding and expansion of Casual WoW, the site is now an archive of my old posts and content. Feel free to take a look if you like. It will not be updated, and will eventually be phased away.
  • Jesse & Emily Hart | LINK
    Wedding commenced on May 26, 2012. This link will remain for a while for posterity.
  • | LINK
    A one-stop place to access links for all of my projects, as well as home to jthart consulting, llc and jthart photography. My portfolio can also be viewed from the main page. Hop on over and take a look, it’s finally been refreshed from a design standpoint, and boasts a clean, minimalistic design!
  • technical fowl | LINK
    A guy I used to be guilded with in World of Warcraft decided to go start a blog where, although often I disagree, some really good points and write-ups exist. Check it out. Tell him I sent you on. Oh, and don’t insult the chicken…
  • The Online Mind of Ian Hayes | LINK
    A guy I had the fortune to work with during my stint at Apple runs a site that is quite an interesting read at times. Take a look. There are not that many people that give me a run for my money in conversation, and he definitely makes debate interesting!