“Broken Windows” Policing

Wilson and Kelling (in Cole & Gertz, 2013) discuss the concept of the “broken windows” theory which, in summary, posits that disorderly or unruly behaviors left unchecked lead to greater disorder and, possibly, criminal behavior. In an effort to … [Read more]

Reflecting on Apple

After taking some time to ponder the announcements made at the recent Apple event, and after spending some time reading the various analyses from others, a few things really jump out at me that I think warrant examining closer. First and foremost, … [Read more]

I Believe

I believe we have come upon a proverbial fork in the road where the choices we make now will either plummet us into an ever-darkening decent toward chaos or, if we wake up and act, lead us to the society we proclaim to be the ideal we yearn to … [Read more]


Source Link - http://www.myfoxal.com/story/21863703/birmingham BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) The Honda-Indy Grand Prix of Alabama will not get financial support from the city of Birmingham. On Tuesday, Mayor William Bell withdrew a request for $300,000 to … [Read more]

New Levels of Stupidity

There are times when it is quite difficult to determine why people are so ridiculous or seemingly ignorant when looking at the topics that make national headlines. For reference, the following articles sparked this post: Lingerie ad too sexy for … [Read more]

I Am…

... analytical. ... brave. ... complex. ... determined. ... enigmatic. ... frank. ... geeky. ... honorable. ... inquisitive. ... jovial. ... knightly. ... loyal. ... moderate. ... nerdy. ... observant. ... psychoanalytical. ... quiet. ... … [Read more]

Prophesizing Doom

Random Side Note: It seems interesting to me that, of every technology company, pundits and analysts always seem to say Apple is "doing it wrong" and is "failing" in some fashion. Recently it has been stories of supply shortages/cuts and speculation … [Read more]